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15 Jun 09 at 21:25
getting batting starts but not big scores and not staying at the crease for long

Hi everyone,

I am a batsmen(2nd down) who bowls leg spinner . In the last few games that i have played i have been getting out
after getting starts into 20's. I am getting out not a similar manner . I don't think i have any flaw that is getting
me out . I should say 30-40% of the time i get caught at midwicket. I score the runs quickly and getting out quickly.
I practise in the nets and i don't find to mistime any shots . I seem to not stay batting long at the crease.

Can some one suggest methods or training to "staying at the crease". The problem i seem to have is the mental
ability to stick to long batting . I play more of the shewag style innings.



30 Jun 09 at 11:47

Maybe to solve that midwicket problem try to keep the ball on the ground throughout most of the innings until you get into the "zone" were you are on about 20 or 30 but your timing the ball well and your feeling confident and settled in. To build up your score to 20 play all the full balls straight and let the wide and short ones go. In playing straight if your driving the ball well and hard but straight to the fieldsman, block the ball into cover and run a quick single. Go all the way forward and play it with confidence. Often when im batting because i go so forward my block has enough power to go past the fielder at cover. Anyway if youre scoring your runs at the begining by blocking or defending the ball into cover they are likely to put a fielder in close so that may create more gaps in the field especially if theve put cover closer because if you're confident enough and you go really forward to the ball in your drives your always going to make runs. Getting caught at midwicket, is that from crossbat shots? Try to avoid playing shots like that unless you are completely settled in and the field is up.

20 Feb 10 at 10:24

This may be a mental issue, your concentration may be dropping off when you get to 20 or 30. I suggest you work on this aspect of your game and build a game plan/routine as to how you will approach your innings, what you will do between facing each ball, etc. I suggest you look up Rudi Webster's book "Winning ways : in search of your best performance", a renown sport psychologist, who focuses on cricket related matters.