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06 Jul 09 at 12:50
Crisis of Confidence

I am having a problem with my Bowling as this has basically got to pot. I am a Left Arm slow medium bowler at 2/3rd team standard.

I have a few issues with my bowling, I am bowling in nets fine and its ok but when i get on the pitch its double bouncers and full toss rubbish and i have bowled at least 30 overs this year and only bowled something like 3 overs where are any good. When i come on to bowl my teammates seem to go quiet its like i am trial! and i feel all tense and nervy... Sometimes my Team mates are ok and its helps a little but still nervy. On Sunday we played the worst side in the league and i bowled 2 overs for 13 and they where all out for 108... it made me feel terrible, i would like to have bowled more but the captain did not even say " unlucky take a blow". And in the past i have been fine so i dont understand how i have got to this. And i dont think its the yips even though sometimes it feels the batsman is a long wayaway


- I am going to work harder in nets even if i am bowling well in nets keep going

- Believe in myself more instead of being Nervous feel excited by the chance to impress

Has anyone got any ideas ? as they would be welcomed, because my love for the game is not there anymore but i want to come back stronger.


24 Jul 09 at 09:46

Relax and have faith in the work the you are putting in at training.Dont try so hard relax and play your natural game.

24 Jul 09 at 10:29

Most bolwers have gone through a similar episode where everything goes fine in the nets, however, out in the middle when the pressure is on they can't perform. I am no expert, but from what I have read, this seems to be a mental issue.

Mick's advice about being relaxed and not trying too hard is sound, however, sometimes it is very hard to put in practice. When you are having a rough trot, most players seem to be trying too hard to do better.

I think what you need to is while you are bowling in the nets, try to be conscious of what you are doing that is making you bowl well, and try to replicate it in the middle. It could be an issue of bowling technique, i.e how it feels when you deliver the ball, and trying to replicate that feeling out in the middle. Or it could be your state of mind, you may be more relaxed out in the nets, so try to replicate that state of the mind in the middle. So be conscious of how you feel or what you are doing at training, make a mental note of it, and call on this when you are out in the middle

And most importantly, enjoy the game and have fun. I realise this is particularly hard when you are having a rough trot, but it is good to keep a perspective. It was only after he retired that Steve Waugh himself realised that cricket is only a game.

Hope this helps.

13 Aug 09 at 17:55

hi, im james and im a wicket keeper batsman.
im also having a big confidence crisis Sad recently i dropped my first caught behind and all my team had a go at me for it. it seemed fair enough at the time but they kept on reminding of it so i cant stop thinking about dropping catches when im behind the stumps:( and now its got worse, because the bad comments are still being said to me its getting into my head i've dropped more and more catches and now im starting to believe i cant take caught behinds. can someone please help me with the never ending cycle?

13 Aug 09 at 18:03

i also have ne more crisis that i forgot to mention. i have lots of free time to practice my wicket keeping but dont know how to by myself. and my mates just get bored helping me. any ideas of how to train my wicket keeping by myself?

13 Aug 09 at 18:04


01 Nov 09 at 13:53

hi, i'm Clarry, a 15 year old from western australia
im currently playing both 2nd grade mens and under 17s for my club.
seeing as we couldnt find a coach for 17s, I, as captain, put my hand up so that we wouldn't fall apart completely. unfortunately this has put a massive workload on my plate as i now have to worry about each individual player as well as myself and my performance is taking a beating. on the plus side, our team is doing really well and are happy with what i'm doing, yet personally i'm batting poorly. i'm a spinner alrounder but so far i cant get a start with the bat. in the nets i can face pace very easily and have been putting lots of work into facing spin. in two games i have made 11 runs at no.4 with a golden in the first game. my confidence is at an all time low as i've never done this badly (with poor batting in each of the pre-season games as well) even though i'm training alot better. im currently trying to ignore the constant sledging everyone is giving me, especially in the senior side but its really getting to me and i'm begining to doubt myself as a player. what can i do?