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07 Jul 09 at 16:26
My Bowling is a worry - how do i combat it?

having a problem with my Bowling as this has basically got to pot. I am a Left Arm slow medium bowler at 2/3rd team standard.

I have a few issues with my bowling, I am bowling in nets fine and its ok but when i get on the pitch its double bouncers and full toss rubbish and i have bowled at least 30 overs this year and only bowled something like 3 overs where are any good. When i come on to bowl my teammates seem to go quiet its like i am trial! and i feel all tense and nervy... Sometimes my Team mates are ok and its helps a little but still nervy. On Sunday we played the worst side in the league and i bowled 2 overs for 13 and they where all out for 108... it made me feel terrible, i would like to have bowled more but the captain did not even say " unlucky take a blow". And in the past i have been fine so i dont understand how i have got to this. And i dont think its the yips even though sometimes it feels the batsman is a long wayaway


- I am going to work harder in nets even if i am bowling well in nets keep going

- Believe in myself more instead of being Nervous feel excited by the chance to impress

Has anyone got any ideas ? as they would be welcomed, because my love for the game is not there anymore but i want to come back stronger.


10 Jul 09 at 08:53

Hi chinton, sounds like a mild dose of the yips. Take a look at my article on for a quick fix.

If you want more detailed methods look

22 Oct 09 at 21:02

I know its a bit late on the reply but here are some things you could try next time.

* Is your run up perfect? If you are stopping and starting and losing your mark then this takes your focus off looking at that spot on the pitch.

* You say you are a medium pacer but are you trying to bowl too fast? Trying to bowl 100% flat out could be disrupting your rythym.

* Try to get to the nets by yourself and place a marker on the pitch where you want the ball to land. Bowl at this marker until you reach a goal (hit it 7 out of 10 times). Then when you try it in a game it should seem natural.

* When my bowling is off i tend to just bowl a lot more and try to iron out the kinks. You may notice that your front arm is not reaching high enough and you are falling away for example.

* Have some of the higher grade bowlers have a look at your action. They should be able to give you some tips as well.