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11 Aug 09 at 08:07

Right well the captain for my team has just stood down so the team requires a new skipper.

I would like to be skipper but I'm only 16 years old, although I think I could do a good job as I helped the previous skipper out this year. I have played the most games out of everyone in the team in 2008 and 2009 so playing all the games isn't an issue.
I think I would be a good candidate as I have a good knowledge of cricket and good leadership skills. I have completed a Tennis Leader Award and also a Sports Leader Award and am currently coaching tennis.

There's no obvious choices in the team to take over, I would like to but the thing is I don't know if people will take me seriously when I say I want to do it? What should I do? I spoke to a first teamer who is heavily involved in the club and he said he would second me if I wanted to do it.

Also what would the process be? I know it would be voted for at the AGM but what happens before that.