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01 Sep 09 at 13:01
Critique my bowling action

Hey guys,

Basically, I used to have a nice smooth bowling action but recently, nothing seems right. I know theres a lot of energy leaks so was wondering if you guys could give me your thoughts. Below is the link of my action (which includes slow-mo as well). I'm not actually bowling a ball but just going through my action (as that's what i usually do to get my rhythm back). Thanks.


04 Sep 09 at 15:01

the link dosent work..

03 Oct 09 at 12:36

Hi Dhruv96, You're correct about the hyperlink provided but if you copy and paste this link into your browser it will work:

Not sure Kevin entirely about the action as it is not very light when you took the film but I'll have a go. You're obviously very keen to be filming your action and I'd tweak it a little until you get an action that "repeats".

1) I would say that you fall away to your left too soon.
2) You're bowling around your front leg a tad, though you have an open chested action so move your front left leg over to the left a bit more
3)Brace your front leg and pull your arms through towards the target, and snap through with your right hip, whilst dragging your right leg.
4) Not sure but are you leaning too much to the left and "leaking energy" here because you're not bowling upright enough?

So run straight, really "pull" your left arm through straight after you've "coiled" a little longer - and the right arm will follow.

Not sure if that helps?
Good luck Kevin.

05 May 10 at 21:00

Few things I noticed Kevin.

I played the video in really slow motion, and on release your head is falling away to the left too much. If the ideal head position when you are releasing is perfectly straight or at 12' o clock, you head position is towards 3 o clock. This means you will be falling away in your action and is the reason why you are not following through straight. So work on a still straight head as you release the ball, your follow through and action will go straight.

You feet are getting in the way of eachoher, you are closing yourself off. Your front foot impacts to the right of back foot, causing you to block yourself off. This will also lead to not following through straight. As David wrote above, it should be landing slightly to the left of your back foot, which will provide for the straight lines.

You are not dragging your back foot. You need to drag your back foot until you release the ball.

The front leg needs to be brace like David noted.

You may need to reconsider your load up. You are loading up behind your head. You may want to consider loading up infront of your head so you are not leaning back and also gives you a visual cue. It also gives you a visual cue.

08 May 10 at 17:14

Guys I wan to ask all of you about courses on pitchvision.has anyone done it?espicially batting and bowling.what are your opinions about techniques in the book?are they really helpful?should I buy or not?waiting for your replies.

09 May 10 at 06:25

I will be happy to point you in the direction of people who who done any course you care to mention. Which course are you looking at?

24 May 10 at 19:26

hi everyone,
ive got a problem. im an all rounder who bowls right arm medium fast with a front on action. I play at county level and im 13. i seem to get a slight bend in my arm when try to bowl too quick. i think it is because my doesnt moves away from my body and my wrist and arm compensate by angling down the leg side. when i keep my head straight then i seem to lose a lot of pace. how do i bowl quick without a bend in my arm. i am ready and prepared to change my action in any way possible.

25 May 10 at 17:40

unless its physically going to harm you.. be it acute or over time, i don think anybody will jump to changing your action

25 May 10 at 19:33

David I am looking for leg spin bowling,I want to know how my head position should be,my both arms and legs and whole body process for pivot and avoiding injury.