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13 Jan 10 at 14:20
Games you play

What sort of games do you play? I have always played T20 but this year I'm gonna play 50 overs. Any tips on getting through the longer game?


13 Jan 10 at 14:23

It's probably going to hurt after the first few games!

DO as much fitness as you can, especially strength and power training and get some good recovery work in after training and games. Try foam rolling and do lots of stretching. I'm told compression can help too but I've never tried it.

22 Jan 10 at 03:42

Definetly buy some compression garments. Especially for your legs. 50 overs really isnt that bad, its when you play 80 or 100 overs a day that you feel it. And playing two days in a row is just painful at times Smiling