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20 Jan 10 at 11:05
Cardiff nets

Looking for a few guys to net for pre-season. If anyone is interested in joining in and around the Cardiff area drop me a message. Cheers


20 Mar 11 at 09:44

Hi, I go to the valleys for nets on Saturday evenings but would be definitely interested in more practice (I am rubbish, though) on Sunday or midweek (Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays)

Let me know!

18 Feb 12 at 15:39

I am interested in nets, please let me know days and timings plus hw much it costs.

14 Mar 12 at 04:06

Hello I am practising in shophia indoor stadium every monday evening....i want to do ptactise everyday in morning....can u help me.i am a average inyension is to become more professional

14 Mar 12 at 22:46

@Hujaifa - who are you currently netting with whilst at the indoor school.

15 Mar 12 at 04:20

I living in cardiff and practising with cardiff casual cricket club....i want to do more..can u help me gret...

23 Mar 12 at 12:43

Hi guys, anyone up for the training tomorrow or next weekdays
season is starting soon, need to be back in shape so if anyone up for nets please reply, we can share the booking cost and i got some spare balls to.


04 May 12 at 10:03

Amir, what help do you need?

05 May 12 at 16:54

I want to be a professional one,that's why I need to play outdoor match. I want to play outdoor match and prove myself a swell. Can u help me for playing outdoor match.

06 May 12 at 07:38

I'm not sure how I can help there. Can you not go to a club locally and join?

06 May 12 at 10:03


I'm not completely sure of what your intention is but if it the aim of becoming a professional player then from what I've seen of you unfortunately you are a long way off the required standard. If you simply want to play more cricket then there are plenty of options.

There are plenty of clubs in the Cardiff area. Do a bit of research and ringing around and you'll find your 'outdoor match'.

A great starting place is Just have a look through or do a search for Cardiff or places within Cardiff. Play Cricket can also help as will looking at cricket leagues in the area. A search for Cardiff mid week leagues will also bring up plenty of options.