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13 Feb 10 at 02:55
IM feeling no team spirit

Im a 14 year old playing u19 for my school in Jamaica. I was on the team for batting and bowling but now im just on it for batting. When i play for my club they encourage me to give the ball flight ( i bowl leg spin). I was doing well over the summer at my club but since i went back to school my coach and teammates say i should bowl my leg spin flat thats kinda making me bowl too short and now they are not bowling me at all. How do i please my coach and teammates im often discourage by them and feel like an underdog being the youngest in the team. Im 14 and they are 19, 18, 17 so they are a lot stronger than i am they tease me about not being able to run fast or being able to hit a six they rarely encourage me and i feel like im by myself. Any tips for me I think its affecting me psychologically and not letting me perform to the best of my abilities.


20 Feb 10 at 09:57


I am not a leg spinner, but I suggest you stick to what works for you. For any leg spinner to be successful, you must develop a stock ball, that is a genuine leg break that turns. This is the base of your house. Some leg spinners can turn it more than others e.g Shane Warne vs Anil Kumble, but they all have their stock leg spinner that they can call upon. Bill O'Reilly, a former Australian leg spinner advised Richie Benaud that it will take him four years to develop a leg spinner that turns and that he can put it on the spot consistently. Richie Benaud gave the same advice to Shane Warne, only Warne took only two years to develop his stock leg spinner that turns. SO at the very least you need to be working on your stock ball, the leg spinner that turns. After you have that in your repertoire I think you can build up the base of your house with your flipper, googly, top spinner etc.

However, you won't develop a genuine leg spinner by bowling darts, or what you call as flat bowling. Any spinner needs to give the ball flight to get it to turn. Afcourse when you are playing a one day game, the dart is also a handy ball to bowl, but if we are talking about genuine leg spin bowling, flight and spin go together. Flight is very important in your ability to deceive the batsman.

However, a number of things go in addition to your own game. Your need to have an understanding and supporting captain. If your captain gives you a dodgy field and is asking you to bowl in a negative manner, than he is not doing you justice. Capataincy and leg spin also need to be coordinated.

And then there is the mental side of leg spin that comes into contention. You need to have thick skin to be a spinner.

However, I think you need to be working on your own game and what you do best. If you bowl best when you bowl for your club, try and replicate the same game plan in your other games. Talk to your captain and be on the same wave length in terms of field setting, line you are going to bowl etc. But don't become an out and out dart bowler, that is not the essence of spin bowling in my opinion. If you just bowl flat, the batsman can essentially treat you like a slow medium bowler and take you to task.

Here are some good videos for you to have a look at:

20 Feb 10 at 22:02

Thanks for your tips I agree with u