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10 Apr 10 at 17:31
Strenghtening muscles

This is my first post and hope I am posting at correct place.
I am 23 years old. I intend to play professional cricket andhave previously played at school level and was a bowler primarily beacuase I was afraid of the ball that it ould it me on my body.
Until 18, I have regularly played under-arm cricket. But theres been a big gap no since I was studying engineering. Recently, when I decided to play under-arm cricket, I played hard hitting shots only to realize the next morning that my lower back was sore.
This obviously means my muscles have become eak since I havent used them much.
How can I strengthen my muscles to get back to match fitness?
Playing more wouuld improve the muscles i guess.
Can you recommend some specific exercises?
PS: Sorry for the long post.


11 Apr 10 at 06:20

You have come to the right place. There are a great deal of resources to help you. Playing would indeed help, but if you are serious about getting better you need to get fot to play rather than playing to get fit.

I would recommend starting here:

There is also a complete program designed by a first class strength coach here: Strength and Conditioning for Cricket at all Levels

Does any of that help?