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11 Apr 10 at 17:07
5 practice sessions until opening the batting


I have five sessions until I open the batting any suggests on how I could positively utilise these would be welcome.

During one session I am aiming to ramp the bowling machine up as fast as I can just to get my eyes used to the ball coming to me quickly.
Also will do some work on batting tee just grooving the punch drives - straight mid on and mid off.

I dont really have a pull/hook shot, I just look to drop my hands preferably or ride the bounce.

Any ideas how I can use my other sessions


11 Apr 10 at 21:45

It's really too late to do much in the way of improving technique. I would focus on finding a scoring method that works within your limitations.

A good way to play is to set up a tactical gamewith 3 cones about halfway up the wicket. One cone is placed in line with wide mid on, the second in line with wide mid off. The third cone is used as a marker to run to and back, so is slightly futher up the wicket.

You then score runs in the following way:

  • Drive through the cones - 4 runs
  • Leave the ball outside off stump - 2 runs
  • Defend through the cones - 1 run (run to cone three and back)
  • Flick off the legs - 1 run (run to the cone and back)

You are out if you drive the ball in the air or outside the cones. You can also be out bowled and caught behind.

You can do this against a machine, or real bowlers.

The challenge is, over the five sessions to improve your scores between wickets.

Also I would make sure you are clear on your role. I know you are acting as emergency stand in so perhaps your job will be to stick around for the first 20-30 overs and accumulate to build a base for the flashier players in the middle order. If that is the case there is no need to worry about hooking, cutting and pulling your way to a majestic hundred. be happy with a ground out 40 that lays a platform.

Any of that help?


13 Apr 10 at 20:15

Yeah I like that idea. I think the key is finding a way of improving practice sessions with good outcomes.

I like that.

My main problem is length balls angling in around thigh height. I just can't seem to decide quick enough whether to be forward or back to these balls or whether to try and get inside the line or stay still...

14 Apr 10 at 07:23

I would hazard a guess this is because you are tipping over to the off side, so you are in the wrong position and unable to decide and move your feet to get back into the right position. Fixing that problem would take a good few sessions in itself so you may have to live with it unless you stump up for a coach to give you a few hours of 1-2-1 coaching on the machine.

15 Apr 10 at 08:30


Ill try to get a few pictures taken so I can see how I am setting up. Managed to get hold a half bat too. Just going to use that for an hour or so