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28 Apr 10 at 13:57
Problems Everywhere

First of can I just say this site is the best cricketing website ever. Pod casts, forums, training guides the list goes on. David I cannot thank you enough for sharing all this information with us all.

Right here's some of my problems that I have at the moment:

1. I've got a friend who wants to play for the side I play for. He's not played cricket before so I am doing my best to try and guide him through bowling and batting and trying to stop him using his feet to stop the ball in the field. I just wondered if there were any tips for bowling that I could use. I'm trying to teach him to brush his arm past his ear. he's obviously at the first stages of learning to bowl only I can't remember what I was taught as I was first taught when I was about 8 (I'm now 24).

2. I've become the captain of a Saturday friendlies side by default, we have a mixture of players and ages vary. I got them doing some batting practice in the nets which everyone is willing to try. Had the younger guys doing some fielding returns back to the wicketkeeper. Do you have any more drills which I could include everyone? I want to get the net being like a match situation where you bowl 6 then another bowler bowls.

3 I will when I can post some video of my bowling, the first couple of practices we had my bowling was spot on, varying between good a full length and great lines. But now my bowling is getting worse. I struggle to keep things constant but it all feels one fluid motion as it should but the line and length now vary far too much. I'm trying to run up straight to bowl straight, but that doesn't seem to help me. I bowl medium fast(for our oppo).

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'd really like to help some of the players at my club as I'm the coach, captain, opening bowler and 4th batsmen it's hard for me to concentrate sometimes.



03 May 10 at 11:10

Interesting questions N8. Coaching bowling to a beginner is quite hard, lots to coordinate and it's really just a matter of practice. Start without a run up or ball and get the feeling right then bring the other elements in as slowly as you can.

You can get loads of fielding drills here.

It sounds like you need to get your action more repeatable. I'm guessing you might have a problem getting into a good position in the gather, but obviously I would need to see you to be sure.

Hope that helps, don't forget to give everyone else a go!


04 May 10 at 16:24

oh believe me everyone gets a go at in our games. Thanks for the help david will try and get that video up asap. Next week is the big one first game of the season and now I think I may have broken my bat, Great. Hope everyone has a good season.

05 May 10 at 20:13


In regards to point 3, I'd be keeping an eye on your head position as you are delivering the ball. I have noticed in my own training that that my head position, or to be precise my eyes, need to be looking straight throughout the whole bowling action. Any slight movement of the head as you deliver the ball can result in deviating from the straight line path and the whole thing going haywire. I cannot overemphasise the point of keeping your head focused intensely on the target and going straight through with the action. Your action will follow the direction of your head.