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22 Jun 10 at 14:04
not moving my front foot into line

i am a left hand batsman and currently bat at no.3 for my club side and after a very good start to the season have found that in recent games i am struggling to get to the pitch of the ball and am stretching to hit the ball if it is slightly wide thus hitting the ball in the air through the covers or point area.

i also seem to be moving my front leg down middle stump instead of getting it across to off stump thereby being more in control.


29 Jun 10 at 11:49

You have kind of answered your own question there. Move your head towards the line of the ball and let your feet follow. Cut out the square drive and aim towards mind on or mid off instead. Present the full face and wait for the ball. Maintain your shape through the shot.

25 Jul 15 at 00:51

I have recently developed a problem with my bat path which affects my drives and I just cannot fix.

My back lift points towards 3rd slip but as I put my shoulder towards a full ball (after trigger movement) my bat swings to just behind my body. This then means despite me hitting the ball wight he full face my path is slightly inside out. This means my straight drives become off drives, my off drives become cover drives and so on. Despite the cover drive being one of my strongest shots, I am nearly completely inhibited from playing a straight drive and tend to hit my drives squarish and uppish early in my innings.

I was wondering if anyone would have any idea of how to fix this, removing the trigger movement doesn't help and I'm not sure when it developed because my coach and myself only noticed recently.