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29 Sep 10 at 12:41
Tips for 7 year old bowler/batsman

Hello all, just found this forum when looking to help a friend.

My friends little lad absolutely loves cricket and its bordering on obsession. He's only a young boy but wants to improve his game further - constantly asking questions. Club coaches have commented that his technique is advanced for his age. At the moment he just trains with clubs and enjoys himself - he hasn't received any formal one to one coaching.

Can people give him some pointers with regards to his batting and bowling?





30 Sep 10 at 08:37

please help guys Eye-wink

30 Sep 10 at 15:03

hi im just 15 but i can make out that
1 work on his upswing (from and
2 tell him to do minimum head movement while playing a short ie head should remain steady which would help to reduce his reaction time
3 vary your footwork while practicing (he is continously placing his front foot towards mid off for most of his shots
4 tell him taht gr8 cricketers love to play straight and he will start doing the same
5 while watching a match tell him in detail how a batsman played a pull or a drive on backfoot and he will also try to do the same
6 train his leg side and teach him each and every short with correct technique from the above mentioned website
7 dont put too much pressure on him to improve but just tell him that he can become the NEXT TENDULKAR if he follows the basics right from his age
8 best of luck

30 Sep 10 at 18:42

All that advice is great. I want to put a totally different take on it.

Good cricket technique is built on the foundations of good 'physical literacy' or how well a young boy or girl can do basic things: move, coordinate hands and eyes, stay balanced. Non-specifics.

At 7, cricket skills are not important at all. It's too young to be so focused on one thing. Instead he should be learning a number of sports/activities and a number of cross sport skills: running, jumping, throwing objects of various sizes, hitting stuff and generally having fun.

Play is the key, not drilling and technique.

I couldn't care less about his on drive at the age of 7. Can he hit with a tennis racquet? Can he hit a golf ball? Can he throw a discus? Can he climb a tree? Has he got a mate, a bike and a fishing rod? Does he play football? Can he do all that left handed and footed?

Mastering basic movement skills will make him all the better cricketer when he starts to specialise.




12 Mar 13 at 22:28


He is a good little player. Perhaps a good club with a strong u9 and u11 should help. His batting is coming on fine. At his age it is all about fun, I agree that motion sports and agility are the the key to success.

03 Nov 14 at 21:28

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