Backfoot bending while playing frontfoot drive..How cn i fix that | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips
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08 Jul 11 at 04:12
Backfoot bending while playing frontfoot drive..How cn i fix that


I had been practising my forward drives lately and noticed that my backfoot while playing the drive bends and stand on the top of the toe.. Because of which, i am not leaning into the drive and get the power out into the drive. My entire body weight lies in the middle because of which my back hurts after continuous play. I am not particulary getting down to play the drives. I am getting up just befor i make contact with the ball. Also, when i play the on drives, i run after playing the shot rather than standing solid with a followthrought. Please can you advice on how to work on correcting this.

To give you a bit more details into my batting. I have a stance with my foot approx 1foot apart with the backlift raised above my offstump..shoulders running down the wicket and slightly open. somewhat similar to rahul dravid's.

Just would like to know if there are any drills and practise method that can really help me in preventing the above from happening. Please let me know if you need any further details into my batting technique.

Longing to play cricket the right way.!!! Thank you.


08 Jul 11 at 13:29

There are many drills you can do, too much to outline here. But you can see them in the videos on Gary Palmer's How to Play the Perfect Drive.

The key is to do with your head. It's not your back leg that is the problem, it's the fact you are not getting your head forward. Get your head over your front toe and your back leg will correct itself.

09 Jul 11 at 03:36

Thank you David. I guess u r right..Every time i played my drives last day, i just checked my position of the head and found it was still on the center of my body instead of being above my front toe. I bend both my knees and bend down a bit just before the bowl is delivered. Just like a trigger move.. I am not sure if that is the reason for this. am not sure if its fine to have a trigger move of such kind. Your thoughts ???.

Thanks a TON again..

11 Jul 11 at 07:30

My view on trigger moves is this: if it works keep doing it but if it is putting you off balance you want to correct it.

21 Oct 12 at 04:57