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14 Sep 11 at 17:48
Fitness regime?


Looking for advice on what exercise plan I can follow to improve my bowling.

After my injury this year I have lost alot of core strength. I used to be able to plank for 3.5 mins but now down to about 1.5mins. What exercises are best to improve this.

I would also like to improve my upper body strength, and general fitness, so is there a guide as to what i should be doing, such as 5 sets of 10 push ups/bench press etc

Should I do arms each day or have rest days and do leg fitness/general fitnes on the days between.

What exercises should I do in interval training, I really do need a dummies day by day guide, as in, do 10 of these, 10 of them 10 of this etc! Any info or sites you can recommend would be great.

Basically is there a weekly workout plan I can follow and information on nutrition to go with it.

I'm 26yo, 6'4" and about 13stone (I lost a stone last week to gastroenteritis). I am reasonably fit, next to no fat and about average strength. I am a gamekeeper too so hump alot of weight about all day, burning a good number of calories.

Thanks to all in advance


07 Jul 16 at 03:07

Hey Rich, with regards to planking and core strength, I am curious to know if planking regularly itself wouldn't better it. With regards to the others, I'd add some cross bench dumbell pull overs. For general strength, you could even follow starting strength or stronglifts (you might already know this) if you're in the off season period.

Sprinting might also help. Something I try to do (during season) is this:

Monday: Gym work - squats/lunges + deadlifts + dumbell pullovers + shoulder press

Wednesday: bowl about 50 to 60 balls, squat jumps on the stairs, pull ups and dips

Friday: Sprint about 6 sets uphill for about 65 metres each

Saturday or Sunday we have a game/nets session.

Generally speaking, doing strength training itself does wonders to your core strength.

let me know if this makes sense.


07 Jul 16 at 03:08

FYI, I'm just an amateur club bowler so I might not know best =)