Tipping over to the offside befor the ball is delivered | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips
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09 Jul 12 at 15:04
Tipping over to the offside befor the ball is delivered

I am a RHB playing for my leagues in India. I noticed recently that i am tipping over to offside even before the ball is bowled. I also tend to commit to front boot before the ball is delivered thereby restricting my stroke play to limited areas. If anyone could help/suggest me on how to correct this with some drills to practice, that would be of real help.!!

I have a fairly open stance and a bit tall stance. Not really bent.. but somehow i tend fall into offside and get committed on the front foot too early. Your help would really be appreciated and will be worked upon.



01 Mar 14 at 18:45

Correct stance in my experience is vital.Make sure your eyes are level.and you lead with your head and not your front foot on forward shots.If your foot goes first your head is very likely in the wrong position,especially on leg stump.Tip on on drive lead with head and take a half step allows bat to come through straighter.Getting your head to go first will take many hours of practise,good luck.