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05 Sep 12 at 09:14
What fitness training do you use?

 I'm keen to find out what sort of fitness training is used by the readers. So let me know which of these is close to you:

  • None/Play to Get Fit
  • Gym Work
  • Combined with Cricket Training
  • Something else

Personally I go to they gym as it is most convenient for my needs. When I am coaching I want to make sure my players are athletic so I try to combine fitness with nets and fielding drills.

What do you do?


05 Jan 13 at 21:38

running press ups simple stuff and hot baths

16 Feb 15 at 22:31

I go to my local Planet Fitness ( I'm not sure if England have them), basically franchise gyms. I mainly use the machines, such as row machines and back and arm extension machines. I try to run a lot, because I don't have a lot of stamina. On Saturdays, I go to my outside of school team's practice indoors, but I don't improve a lot with any of my skills there. My coach just makes us bat and bowl. I'm 15 years old, by the way, and my out of school team is Under 15, so there is that