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28 Sep 13 at 21:55
What are my chances of making it?

I'm a 16 year old all-rounder and I want to play professional cricket but I've never played county cricket. I currently play for my club 3rd XI and I think I will be in my school 1st XI in the summer. I have a similar role to that of James Faulkner or Albie Morkel, I currently bowl at above 60 mph and hope to hit 70 in the coming summer. My club coach and school teammates think I could make county but I have no idea on how to get there. The only clear route that I know of would be the university system.


28 Sep 13 at 21:58

And my local county is Surrey but MIddlesex isn't too far either

30 Sep 13 at 06:07

Cups that is very difficult at your age, because the 16 year old's in the county set up are already playing Premier League 1st XI. I would guess that most of them have also been playing county age-group and will have a pro contract at the Academy in their sites.

In theory, you could ask the age-group coach for a trial, and with the recommendation of your club coach you might get one (I don't know the coaches involved so it's hard to say) but if I was in their position I would have no need to look at a 3rd XI player when there are plenty guys playing 1st XI.

Middlesex and Surrey have VERY strong youth setups, so to even be considered you will need to make a big noise in your club 1st XI. That is step 1.

30 Sep 13 at 10:05

I would also say that if your club coach thinks you should be good enough to play County juniors, then he or your club Junior co-ordinator should be nominating you to the county for trial - it could be worth asking if this has been done, as the County coaches are often reliant on referrals from clubs, especially for youngsters who haven't previously been in the County set up.

30 Sep 13 at 10:31

Thanks for the advice David.

30 Sep 13 at 14:08

What are your experiences with the university system?

30 Sep 13 at 15:31

Nothing personal, but it is a good pathway for someone who wants to study and play.

30 Sep 13 at 17:56

Yeah I see what you mean.
I think that it could be the better way to go as it gives me someting to fall back on.