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20 Mar 14 at 07:27
Taking Up Leg Spin Again - Video Clip

Hi guys,

Video: http://youtu.be/yYBBSGRJL1I (but read below first)

I play First-Class cricket in Pakistan as an opening batsman. That's how I've worked my way up to First-Class cricket here in Pakistan, as an opening batsman. It's been a tough journey, primarily due to the fact that I am not good at playing spin at all, and here in Pakistan, spin is everywhere, you can't escape it. I'm starting to lose passion for batting. The runs have dried up, and I guess this may be attributed to the lack of passion more recently. The lack of passion may have been triggered by my inability to play spin well. Also, I'm beginning to feel more and more that my "natural gifts" and my natural temperament don't go well with batting. I guess that's why I'm contemplating the idea of going back to bowling leg-spin again. When I was young, I was an extremely gifted leg-spinner. I quit bowling when I was 14 due to my father's pressure who wanted me to be a batsman. After that, I would pick up the ball only very rarely. So I've now decided I want to work day and night improving my leg spin and hopefully get into the national side one day. I'm a very motivated and ambitious person and love to work hard. Last week I had a 3-day match against a First-Class team. On the last day, I asked my captain to give me a bowl, because the match was going nowhere. I had been working on my bowling for the past month by now. Please have a look at these 6 deliveries and let me know what you think: http://youtu.be/yYBBSGRJL1I - Your advice on what I should do with my career as a leg-spinner will be greatly appreciated!