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14 Feb 15 at 15:52
Help with bowling spin on matting pitches

Hey Guys!
My name is Kavindra and I play for Bronx Science in New York's high school cricket league. I am an offspin bowler and an improving batsman.
My problem is that when I bowl in matches, my bowling gets smacked around the place. When we practice before a game, on astroturf soccer pitches, I usually get wicket because of my spin. However, when bowling on the matting pitches, the ball does not spin, and I have lots of trouble flighting the ball properly. Usually, when I try to flight the ball, they end up as juicy full tosses for the batsman to cart over the boundary. Plus, a lot of the batsmen I encounter do not move their feet much, so enticing them to come down the pitch or try to drive is out of the question. Please help me, because I want to perform as well as I can for my school while I can. Thanks in advance!


22 Apr 15 at 19:19

Try to bowl slightly quicker through the air. You really need to rip the ball and provide extra revolutions on the ball to get side spin on a matting wicket. It requires lot of practice. Every time you go out to play, try and bowl at least 25-30 balls on the matting wicket prior to the match. The key for the spinner on a matting wicket is to get the Length right; drop it short and you get smacked over mid-wicket; overpitch it and you see the ball sailing over your head into the stands. As i said before you have to practice hard. As far as fighting the ball is concerned you read the batsman before you actually toss it up to him. One thing which really worked for me was to take my own time in between deliveries. Often we are in too much hurry and end up changing grip while delivering the ball; the result is a full toss.

Once you get control over you length you can compensate for lack of side spin by using the crease and varying the trajectory on the delivery.

All the best

27 Oct 16 at 01:04

Hey Kavindra, I know exactly what you're talking about. I faced the same problem myself. What I did was make 2 adjustments. First, practice a really quick arm ball. Use just the index finger and really fire it into middle and off. That'll keep the batsman guessing as to what to expect from you. And since you say that they dont use their feet much it makes this an ideal ball to get them LBW.

Next, practice imparting maximum revolutions on the ball. Your stock ball should leave your hand spinning like a top. You can do that by cocking your wrist and using the momentum in your action at the last second to uncock the wrist. Don't forget to have a nice, wide fingered and tight grip.

Hope this helps. All the very best.