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Out of Form... Open the Batting

Why would anyone try to go up the order and face the demons of the new ball if they are out of form?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Think back to a period of games where you have declared yourself out of form.

The symptoms vary: lack of footwork, late timing and poor shot selection; often many put together.

You need time to get your eye back in and rebuild your shattered confidence.

The request of “a quick 30” from your skipper would be near impossible for someone out of form and would only give false hope if successful.

But opening the innings allows you to do cautiously build a platform at a steady pace. 

It’s something I realised during my own batting slump last season.

I found myself stranded in the pond of no form with no paddle and I knew the only way to get out of it was to roll my sleeves up and get my hands wet.

I am a firm believer of going back to basics when things become difficult, so I worked on the simple philosophy of staying in the middle and batting time.

 I identified 3 key shots as the only shots I would play in my innings; the forward defensive, the backwards defensive and the straight drive

I knew my safest way to accumulate runs was the straight drive. This was my scoring option.

The two defensive shots were there to allow me to bat, bat and bat some more.

I asked the skipper if I could open the batting.

His reply was ‘Are you sure?’

I was confident in my ability not to stick around if I stuck to those 3 key shots. 

If I remember, I think I batted for a decent time and only reached 29. It was dour to be perfectly frank.

But it felt like a ton knowing I grafted that score consciously and off the back of several ducks.

The next game I opened again, and after 15 or so overs of crease occupation, I unknowingly started to cut, pull, sweep, glance and flick. 

Batting became instinctive again.
I realised form isn’t something to protect and cherish; instead you need to enjoy its company when you have the chance. 
Now I acknowledge the presence of form when I don’t have it. Then, I just accept it and identify what I need to do to find it again.  
And if that is to brave the terrors of opening, so be it.

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Brilliant stuff - what you have done is simplified your task - a great psychological strategy. The more focused our task, the more we feel like we can picture exactly what we need to do, the more confident and relaxed we feel about achieving it. Keep it simple, stupid.

Furthermore, it's good captaincy to help out a struggling batsman this way by giving him one specific task that you want him to do. This relieves him of the other responsibilities of batting, and helps him relax.

The other option to asking him to bat time and play defensively and not worry about scoring is to do the opposite and send him in as a pinch hitter. Tell him not to worry if he doesn't last long, just try to strike a few big shots right from the off. It's amazing how often a blazing 50 follows!

Hi I'm currently out of form and have been for about four weeks I have played only one good knock in this period. The bad knocks have happened when I have played in the top four and one in my usual position of seven. I have tried opening the batting twice and have failed in both. How does everyone else on here get back into form?

Im trying this technique tomorrow. Im going to start with front defense, back defense and off drives first, and then work into my comfortable shots. Hoping i can get my first 50

I went on holiday for a week, didn't touch a cricket bat for that time when I was out of form once. My technique was fine but my mind was too cluttered so I needed to refresh it. I came back, followed these rules and after scores of 0,1,0,8,3 I got 76 not out! Laughing out loud :D