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Pathan and PitchVision: Giving Back to Cricket in India

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The Pathan brothers have taken a lot from cricket. Now the decorated Indian international cricketers, Irfan and Yusuf, are on a quest to pay things back through their Academy; CAP
Through CAP (The Cricket Academy of Pathans), The brothers will eradicate the major hurdle in the path of talented future cricketers: lack of proper coaching. Naturally, they sought out the best: Greg Chappell and Cameron Tradell have curated the CAP curriculum. 
And they have turned to the latest technology to assist their world-class coaching. 
PitchVision answered the call.
PitchVision will aid the CAP coaches through providing statistics and analysis to students enrolled with the programme. Through this technology, coaches give instant feedback on the delivery alongside instant video analysis ball-by-ball.
Polishing their skills in such a challenging and professional environment will only help students come out better players and disciplined individuals. The Indian cricketing landscape benefits massively.
CAP launched in Raipur on February 22, 2017.

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