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PitchVision Announces First Ever Hi-Tech Cricket Coaching Live Event

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Update: due to huge demand, registrations for PitchVision Academy Live! Are now closed.

Cricket technology specialists PitchVision announce the very first hi-tech cricket coaching event open to the general public at the Brit Oval in London on August 27th.

PitchVision Academy Live! showcases the ground-breaking PitchVision sensor system in a live coaching environment, working hand-in-hand with traditional coaching methods. Alongside the players and coaches a public gallery area has been set aside so it's the first time coaches and venues considering the technology can get to see the system being used in a real-life coaching situation.

PitchVision is a system that uses revolutionary sensor mats that can be set up in any cricket net to track bowling line, length, deviation and spin. Batsman can also benefit because PitchVision shows them where the ball would have travelled after it hit the netting and whether it would have been caught in the ‘virtual’ field setting set by the bowler.

It's designed to be affordable, portable, simple to use and, most importantly, to compliment coaches and players by providing instant feedback that has traditionally only been available to top level players.

PitchVision Academy elite coaches will share coaching advice while players get to use the PitchVision technology and every player will walk away with a personalised report card featuring pitchmaps, wagon wheels and much more from the 90 minute session.

PitchVision Academy's Director of Coaching David Hinchliffe said, "Coaching is always moving forward, but the best coaching tools are often hidden away in first-class cricket where club and school players can't get to them. PitchVision Academy Live! gives everyone the chance to view and try the latest coaching technology."

Clubs, schools, academies and other organisations interested in seeing how PitchVision can be used by coaches and players to improve performance and add fun to sessions should contact Neil Fairbairn on +44 (0) 781 364 9054 or neil.fairbairn@pitchvision.com.


PitchVision Academy Live!
Venue: Brit Oval (London, SE11)
Date: August 27th 2010, 3-9pm


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Cing from youan I please register my son for the old trafford event
his name is Tom Jones
thanks. I look forward to hearing from you

Hi Sarah, you can register here

Pitchvision please come to New Zealand!!!

Hey Joshua - Good news is that PitchVision is launching in New Zealand very soon!
You can email enquiries@pitchvision.com or call (NZ) 021 222 2221 for details.

What about PV in India?

What about PV in India?

DM - PV is actually made right there in India and the PitchVision systems are available for sale there, but we havent done much promotion yet. We hope to be launching in India in the new year; and any help or encouragement you can give us would be great!

i am from new zealand, northland,whangarei do you came here i want to have batting and bowling system. what are the prices plz?

Hi Lakhvir,

Please email me your contact details to neil.fairbairn@pitchvision.com and i will put you in contact with our New Zealand sales team.

Much Thanks