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PitchVision CRC Launches the World's First Full Cricket Simulator

Cricket nets have an inherent problem; you don’t know how far the ball has been hit or whether it would have cleared the field. That is until now; because cutting -edge cricket technology now allows you to use net space for realistic training and entertainment.

As some of you may know, the PitchVision Cricket Research Centre in Dehradun, India is a state-of-the-art test facility for cricket equipment. It includes high speed cameras, laser locators, PitchVision sensors, a huge overhead projection screen and a test team of 12 that specialise in recording and validating performance data for cricket.


It was here the Cricket Simulator was developed for use in any cricket net from serious practice to pure entertainment games.

For example, it’s fun to set up a 6 ball game between 3 friends. Whoever gets the most runs wins. Although games can run in any format, over multiple innings and in teams of any size. In the video below 3 of the PitchVision team took on the challenge to find out who would win:

The batsman's performance is captured on video for either serious technical review or for your friends to gasp at your strokemaking and everything is updated on a live leaderboard to add to the drama.

The breakthough element here is that the simulator delivers an amazing full 360° shot detection; whether lofted hits, ground shots for four, reverse sweeps, edges to slip or working the ball into the gaps.  This is entirely unprecedented in the cricket world and the implications for everyone who plays the game in any format, are significant. Detailed wagon wheels and analysis can now be as much a part of local cricket as broadcast cricket.

Inevitably this will find its way  down to grass roots level in the not too distant future. We know of several  ‘cricket entertainment’ venues starting up in India and at least 2 in the UK. It looks like we will be seeing the cricket equivalent of 10-pin bowling venues in the near future!  Something to watch out for.

For more information contact Neil Fairbairn at PitchVision.

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