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PitchVision-Fielding is an interactive system that enables cricket fielding skills to be accurately measured, compared and improved. It will add the crucial element of competition to fielding training, making it more stimulating and productive. The system drives a series of automated training routines developed specifically for miSport by former England Test player Derek Randall. These include routines for use by an individual or in combination with a coach. The system is fully scalable and new routines can be easily created at any time.

Batting and bowling performance have always been measured by average but until now there has been no measure of fielding skills or effective method of fielding training. Currently fielders are trained by a coach with a bat and ball and a field full of players offering no mechanism for comparing fielders' abilities and gauging progress. A cricketer's fielding ability is judged on observation alone, and team selection based on fielding ability hinges on a player's most recent performance. Like any fielding routine, PitchVision-Fielder involves at ball being thrown out, intercepted by a fielder and returned towards the stumps. The critical difference is that the exact time, speed and direction of the throw-out, the accuracy of the return, and the time taken to complete the routine are precisely measured. This removes all the usual variables of fielding practice - standardising the drill so that the player's performance is isolated as the key activity from which meaningful analysis can be drawn.

miSport and Bola - a revolutionary partnership.

Bola Bowling machines are widely recognised as the world's premier throwing machine. 20 years of research and experience have helped Bola develop machines capable of accurately replicating a wide variety of throws. While PitchVision-Fielder is highly effective when used with a normal cricket bat, Bola and miSport have come together to combine miSport's "PitchVision" technology with the new "pan & tilt" bowling machine - creating a revolutionary new training system that allows a whole sequence of controlled throws to be made and the fielders response recorded. This exciting innovation is unique and exclusive to miSport/Bola.

A new approach to fielding practice

"PitchVision-Fielder" brings an entirely new approach to fielding training, allowing coach and player time to be used more effectively by introducing measured results and competition.

With the creation of controlled, repeatable routine specific fielding skills can be targeted and weaknesses addressed at all stages of play, whether infield, covers or outfield.

Like any training activity, added competition will not only raise the fielding standard but also allow coaches and captains to optimise the placing of fielders in positions best suited to their abilities. Consistency of catching and the measure of time taken from ball delivery to the target impact will give a true indication of the cricketer's fielding ability.

Fielders in practice sometimes just go through the motions - but at last there is a technology to target, quantify and analyse fielding skills - pitting players not only against their own 'personal-bests', but amongst their team-mates in head-to-head competitions and a variety of team based drills.

PtichVision not only provides league tables of, best close fielder, best deep fielder, best catch and best throw- it also allows coaches and captains to optimise the placing of fielders in positions best suited to their abilities. Fielding is an area, irrespective of ability, that shows great improvement the more effort is expended in practice.

It is worth mentioning one or two well-worn clichés:

Derek Randall is often asked: What makes a great fielder?

  • Fielders are made not born
  • The harder you work the better you become
  • Catch your catches win your matches
  • A great piece of fielding can change the course of a game

These can all be achieved by practice, but practice needs to be made more interesting, more stimulating, and more competitive. Fielding practice needs to be taken as seriously as batting and bowling, both of which use modern technology as assistants. Why not fielding as well?