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Experience Cricket and Entertainment Partner Together: PV/PowerPlay

The world is changing faster than ever.

Instant gratification is available with entertainment piped to you in ever faster ways. If you want to play a game you only have to reach into your pocket for your phone. Google, Samsung and Facebook (through Oculus Rift) provide virtual reality headsets to immerse yourself in a new world.

Cricket first responded to this flood with Twenty20. The IPL took it up another notch, turning the three hour game into whirlwind of celebrity, drama and hype. The next step for cricket as entertainment - because that's what cricket is - boils it down even further than Twenty20 and uses technology that was only imagined a few years ago to create a virtual cricket game played in real life.

This is PV/PowerPlay

The simulator is the most advanced in the market, providing exceptional customer experience, attracting footfalls, operational flexibility and Return on Investment.

There are multiple, fast paced game formats using full 360 degree automatic shot tracking, 3D replays and fantastic sound effects. The bowlers faced by players are true, proven international stars: Andre Russell, James Anderson, Daniel Vettori, Jacques Kallis and Scott Styris.

And if customers do well (or badly!), each shot is filmed and available for sharing via various social media platforms.

Even, better, this great, exciting technology is packaged in a manner similar to bowling alley footfall. And with locally-based technical support, you can keep running all night, every night!

Based on the evolving trends in entertainment-venue, we believe cricket simulators now play a very valuable role in pulling customers into venues, much as bowling lanes did 10 years ago. A PowerPlay system will be a very popular attraction at any of your ongoing or future projects.

For more details contact

  • Kapil Bhatia on +91 9321 243797 or kapil.bhatia@pitchvision.com
  • Neil Fairbairn on +44 (0) 7813 649054 or neil.fairbairn@pitchvision.com
  • Craig van Dyk on +27 (83) 5568019 or craig.vandyk@pitchvision.com


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PV/MATCH let's you score the game, record video of each ball, share it and use the outcomes to take to training and improve you further.

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