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Pre-Season Find a Club


Need to find a new club at a better standard?

Want to recruit some more players to your own club?

As the home of cricket coaching online, PitchVision Academy is the natural place to connect cricketers. Thousands of players and club representatives visit every day. That's why we have set up a forum to allow you to find a new club or get yourself new players.

It's really simple to use and totally free.

How to post your details

Just look for the forum that covers your local area here You can find the list of forums here.

(If you are not a member of the forum, you can join for free by entering your name in the "Not a Forum Member yet? Join Here!" box. If you are a member, sign in using the LOGIN button on the top right of the forum page.)

Once in the forum click on "Post new Forum topic" and enter your details.

The title is important for people to quickly see what's on offer. So if you are a player you might want to put in your playing standard and location: "25 year old 1st XI Premier League fast bowler looking for club in Somerset" for example.

In the post include (ideally):


  • Your age.
  • The standard you play.
  • What your main cricket skills are.
  • Where you are and how far you are prepared to travel.
  • Contact information.


  • Your location.
  • What standard cricket you play.
  • A bit about your club ethos (social club, serious, whatever).
  • What types of players you are looking for.
  • Contact information.

Try not to post your details in an existing forum thread as it might get over-looked.

How to find details of others

To find a club or player yourself, go to the forum for your area and look down the list. If anything catches your eye then simply get in touch directly.

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