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Pre-Season PitchVision


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When it comes to cricket, most of us never really get to see what we can do.

TV has shown us how technology has revolutionised the analysis of cricket player performance. Yet despite the popularity and visibility of these systems virtually none of this technology is available to your local team, school or sports centre, let alone the average player.

PitchVision has changed all that.

PitchVision Sensor-Sets and Software make academy level technology available to everyone.

 We have carefully designed our Sensor range to cater for every style of training and every budget from club players and juniors to independent coaches, schools and sports centres.

PitchVision is particularly useful during preseason. The system allows players at all levels to track progress as the season gets closer. It also makes training more realistic becauseit allows you to see where the ball went, even in the nets.

Check out the product pages and follow the product links to learn more and start making every ball count.

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