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Prevent Injury with Steffan Jones Online Fitness Plan for Fast Bowlers on PitchVision Academy

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Steffan Jones, former professional cricketer and cutting-edge strength coach, has joined the PitchVision Academy coaching panel and his brand new course is available now.

Steff is trainer to a range of cricketers and has developed a tried and tested training programme for fast bowlers that: prevents injury and increases bowling pace. He brings with him a reputation of career-saving results with methods adapted from other sports to bring astounding results. 

The course has never been available online before, but today you can get your hands on it thanks to PitchVision Academy.

It is the result of years of experience and hundreds of players who vary in age from teenagers up until former Test players in their late 30s.

There has never been a more cutting edge fitness training plan available for upcoming fast bowlers outside the professional game.


It's part of the PitchVision Academy commitment to bring you the best coaches no matter where you are in the world. In the past you would never have found a strength coach as experienced as Steff Jones, now you can take him to the gym every time you go.

Finally you can learn the S&C secrets of the pros and bring them to your own game.

Click here to enrol and download the plan today.

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Thanks for the tips. I had been trying to improve my bowling style and vary the pace. But my previous tries had been microsoft outlook email problems unsuccessful and even put me into a injury situation. These tips seem to be very useful and effective too.