PitchVision Cricket Technology | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

PitchVision- Coach Edition is the Laptop or PC based version of the system- designed for Coaches, Schools, and Clubs or those who primarily work with groups of players.

Its sophisticated report screen allows any Coach, Teacher or Player to quickly build a simple or increasingly detailed dashboard of reports, graphs, 3D replays and more – allowing them to dissect an entire squad’s performance without disrupting the Session or missing a ball. It can be kept as simple or made as complex as the user desires.

PV-Coach automatically tracks the height, deviation and trajectory of the ball – building up a map of all deliveries through the session. However, PC-Coach Edition also does a lot more. Both Batsman and Bowlers can set Virtual field settings and practice real-game scenarios, bowlers can monitor their bowling stride, batsman their footwork….

It’s a completely new and revolutionary form of collecting performance orientated data and massively improves training feedback and enjoyment. Just as importantly, it’s not just another ‘elite’ training product only to be found in academies or used by professionals. It's a product that has been specifically designed to be affordable at all levels of the game – Schools, Clubs, Sports Centres and Individuals