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Putting on a Show: What India's Practice Teaches You About Being A Showstopping Cricketer

Playing cricket is a show.

Even when India are playing meaningless warm up matches before the World T20, millions are gripped to the outcome. The fans don't want to see a workmanlike, efficient performance either.

We want drama and showmanship.

We want players who can do things about which we only dream.

And it's exactly the same at your level; you have to put on a show. It's the only way to raise the roof.

You might say that's fine for Dhoni. He is a superhero. One day you might emulate his success but now you are climbing the ladder. How can you be as showy?

I would answer by asking how you can afford not to?

Really good cricket is about more than the stats. It's about how you make those runs and take those wickets. It's about making a point to the opposition that you can take them apart with clinical control, teamwork and confidence.

Thats how you get into the modern India team.

Just look at the guys who are there now. Every one has something special to offer; show-stopping qualities.

The showstopping attitide is not about selfishness, or attempting things without awareness of what you can do.

Players like Sehwag are showman not because can do incredible things, but because they know how to play their game to the best of their ability.

And you are just as capable of doing that.

How to become a showstopping cricketer

Let me stress, we are not looking for flashy here. It's about doing a job, being clinical.

And if clinical means hitting the last ball of a World Cup final for six, then so be it.

But it mostly means less exiting moments.

Ironically, showmanship is dull for the showman about 90% of the time. The showman never goes into nets to bowl every leg spin variation or try 5 different shots in 5 balls.

He hits the basics hard. He becomes a master of his domain's most effective skills. Then when walks out into the middle he knows what he can do with ultimate confidence.

While those skills will vary from person to person, it's the confidence in your own game that really makes you a entertainer.

The funny thing is, that once you approach every game like a showstopper you start changing the game. You emulate the rock stars.

And if you play like that every game, even in the warm up matches, you are increasing your chances of becoming a cricketing superstar.

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