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Shot Wagon Wheels in Nets with Shot Plotter in PVC 3.6

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The cricket ball tracking and video analysis app - PV-Coach - has announced it's latest version. Version 3.6 leads with a new shot plotting feature.

PVC 3.6 is the app that runs PitchVision's ground-breaking smart nets. With this latest version, batsman can create wagon wheels of their net sessions with the shot plot report.


The new report works seamlessly with the existing reports, matching wagon wheels with line, length and pace of bowling. It also ties perfectly to the video replay of the shot.

Batsmen can work on their tactical approach with the fields set by the bowlers and everything becomes more realistic as game situations can be practiced and nets become more relevant to matches.

And of course, everything ties back to each individual player records to track progress over time. The release also contains other new features:

  • Take a screenshot of the dashboard to print or email.
  • Default session names created automatically.
  • Better options for "colour by" and pitch values.

PitchVision customers will see the update roll out next time they open PVC. To find out more about becoming a customer, click here.

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