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Video Analysis for Your Cricket Team with PV/Video

Video analysis for every cricket team is here, with PV/VIDEO.

Are you dying for better video analysis but struggling to find the time to set up and edit video from a camera?

You're not alone, as thousands of clubs, schools and academies are trying to tap into the power of video.

The pain is real, though: You need to bring your fragile camera to nets and make sure it has the right zoom or you are looking at a tiny image.

You hit record and let the camera run. Hopefully no stray ball hits it.

Then you need to go through it, pick out the key points and wait for what seems like an age between each ball.

Who has time to go over hours of net footage to make one or two points? Who has access to software to draw the lines and circles you need to highlight your points?

Sure, it's a good idea but you need the patience of a saint, plenty of cash and even more time.

Especially if you are trying to do it for a whole squad.

Worse, how much precious hard disk space do you need to keep all those videos?

With PV/VIDEO the power of video opens up with none of the pain.

Instant feedback

With video you have the ability to instantly review technique.

That's right. Instantly.

In the nets.

During a session.

Even while someone else is batting and bowling.

With this new knowledge, you can easily assign corrective drills and retest the work on video in the next session.

Oh, and the cameras come in a sturdy housing save you worrying about stray balls costing you dearly.

Drawing tools

Another way PV/VIDEO beats a standard camera is the drawing tools. You don't need a third party app to highlight your points on PitchVision.

You can take a snapshot from the video, the draw on the image to clearly show the point you are trying to make.

Management made simple

Finally, you can forget about all that wasted tape between balls and buying extra hard drives to store the videos.

PitchVision's software captures each ball automatically in 3-5 second clips, so you can get back to any one as soon as you like with no endless scrolling.

Then, the clips are privately uploaded to the PitchVision cloud, allowing you or the coach to access them any time you are online (even on your phone).

Not a singe wasted byte on your laptop.

But don't take our word for it, here's the opinion of Vic Williams a Level 3 cricket coach in Queensland Australia,

" I’m usually working on my own and to be able to set the equipment up quickly record each bowler or batter without me physically have to push buttons allows me the freedom to continue coaching. The instant video playback is very useful. I find it helpful for the player to not only know how it feels but to be able to associate how it looks with how it feels, I believe this is crucial in speeding up any remediation."

Video analysis

PV/VIDEO comes with everything you need to get started at your next net session,

  • PVC app for your laptop
  • Two cameras
  • A camera trigger sensor

To get PV/VIDEO for your club, school or academy, contact PitchVision today.

  • Neil Fairbairn (United Kingdom, Europe, U.A.E.) +44 (0) 781 364 9054
  • Craig Van Dyk (South Africa) +27 (83) 5568019
  • Shantanu Sah (India) +91 99535 55778

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