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Quick cricket tip: Boost your batting through timing

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If you have good timing you can get a away with a lot while batting and will certainly get more runs, even if your technique needs work.

But timing often takes a while out in the middle to come, meaning you are vulnerable at the start of your innings.

To help overcome this you can do a short pre-innings routine to groove your timing before you go out.

Do this once every half hour or so while waiting to bat:

  1. Hold the bat in your bottom hand only and tap the ball up and down on it 20-30 times without dropping it.
  2. Throw the ball up and hit it on the volley with the bottom hand only on the bat handed to a partner 20-30 times
  3. Get your partner to throw the ball for you to hit back on the volley with the bottom hand only on the bat 20-30 times.
  4. Get your partner to throw a ball to bounce on a good length. Hit it back with the normal 2 handed grip 20-30 times.

This should dramatically improve your timing when you get out to the middle meaning you need less balls to get your eye in.

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[...] Keep your eye in. When you are next in, try this batting timing exercise every so often to keep your eye in. That way you are ready to hit the first ball for four. [...]

[...] Improve timing. A net is a great way to work on timing (or rhythm for bowler). I always like to have some sort of practice before going out, even if it is just this timing drill. That way your muscle memory is already firing and you can play shots right from the start rather than having to get used to the feel again. [...]

should you use the top hand for this? that why you won't get use in using your bottom hand more.

You should do both. teach the hands to work together. The bottom hand is fine as long as you are using it at the right time. Problems only come when you use it too early in the shot.

This article is very interesting, keep us posting..

one timing tip from tendulkar sir -start hitting the ball as soon as it touches the ground