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Quick Cricket Tip: Never practice without a goal

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Is this a typical practice session for you:

  • Everyone has a bowl with a few old balls (even the non-bowlers)
  • Everyone has 10 minutes in the net that turns into a bit of a slog
  • When the seamers get tired they bowl spin.
  • There is very little organised fielding practice.
  • Things can feel aimless and get repetitive.

Sound familiar?

Players practice a lot more than they used to, but in many cases the practice is being wasted because there is no goal.

The alternative is to go to each session with a plan in mind.

Ask yourself what areas you want to work on in each practice. For example, an opening bat might want to face fast bowling with a new ball, or you may want to improve your close catching.
Whatever it is, think what practices you can do to help this and do them with your goal (or goals) in mind.

Don’t waste your valuable practice time: have a goal.

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[...] Posted on Sunday 23 July 2006 [...]

[...] Posted on Sunday 23 July 2006 Club cricket nets are often wasted opportunities, despite being more popular with players than ever. [...]

I generally aim to get the batsmen out in the nets. Is that a correct aim?

Sure, but the question is HOW are you going to do that? That's what you need to think about working on.

The same way you try to get batsmen out in matches? By setting him up probably? Or by trying to ball a real peach?