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Quick Tip: Exercises for Cricket

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Prakhar has a question I get asked a lot,

"As a faster bowler to improve my pace. In gym in which exercise I focus more: such as core or shoulders?"

First, well done to Prakhar for busting through the myths and heading for the gym. More cricketers should follow his example.

But what should he do when he gets there?


That depends on a lot of factors, but the basic principles are:

Rest: Refuel, drink water, sleep.


There are many, many variations on how to do this, but this is the absolute boiled-down-to-basics answer.

Good exercises to pick are squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, dumbbell bench press, chin ups, inverted rows, shoulder press, Pallof press, kettlebell swings and med ball throws.

You are looking to achieve balance throughout the body so your plan should, at best, equal out the movements over a week of training. Some people benefit from more more upper body pulling exercises to save the shoulder.

For more details and some sample programmes, click here and here.

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