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Quick Tip: Getting Into The Indian Cricket Team at 20

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Kartik reflects the aims of millions of teenagers with this question,

"I need your help for improving my skills. I am a wicketkeeper and opening batsman. How to I get into the Indian cricket team before the age of 20?"

Yipes. That's one heck of a goal.

I applaud your ambition Kartik, it's a dream shared across India. Which is also kinda the problem. The odds are vastly stacked against you. Out of millions only a very few make the climb to the top.

No one knows for sure how hard work, talent, and the luck of good timing mesh together. But our best guess is that it takes 10 years of insanely hard work to go from beginner to master cricketer.

Even then there are no guarantees.

So the question for those with the ambition of hitting international cricket at 20 is "have you been training hard since the age of 10?"

If not, you can pretty much throw the ambition out the window.

You can still do well, very well, but you need to get training as fast as you can. Every day you waste between the ages of 10-16, the window for athletic development gets smaller. That's why you can't become a professional cricketer if you start to learn the game aged 17. You have to have a grounding in movement skills as a teenager.

So, Kartik, and anyone else with the burning ambition, I implore you to keep the fire burning, but also to be realistic. Start simple by trying to get into a regional side. You can build from there and maybe, just maybe your dream will come true.

But it all starts with getting out there and doing your next training session or match.

Good luck.

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Well, i started very late, at 19,so does that mean i have no chance till i am 28?? Not to brag or anything,but while practicing a former player said to me that i bowl better than the ones who actually started out 10 years ago. So i dont agree your with your theory. Besides i dont have any option. Dont you think its about working hard and SMART?most players i play with are with the attitude,oh hell, whatever we do,there is politics everywhere,let see how far we can go without getting dirty? and these are the ones who actually play better than me,
so am sorry,but am gonna be a master cricketer and be in the indian team,well before 10 year thing.

well I started at age 11 and I am nw age 17 with six years of training and I think that I have over trained. when the season starts I look to be in good form but as the season comes to the middle I lost all my form and start to struggle , also the preseason training is also difficult for me as where I would have to start all over with zero of everything from foot work to concentration to skill come straight back. I was wondering if this was normal? and if not what could I go in preseason training to better my performance to last the whole season. Please get in contact with me to help me solve my problems

sir, i am well trained but not have chances to grow now i am 18 i have some practices from age 12
and i am professional and waiting for my dreams to realize

Hi.. I'm Sandeep age 21 yrs from AP . I want to play cricket for india .Right hand spin bowler and all rounder........As I can bowl both off spin as well as leg spin with 10-12 different variations, but the problem is that I have not played at higher levels .So there is any chance to play for india. I know my strength very well even I can bowl yorker at my will .I have left every thing trying to get into state team in order to prove myself as I know i can become the world class bowler. So please suggest me.

Sir i m playing this wonderful game since i was 10 year old now i m of 18 year old.
Can i got a chance to play for india.
Pls reply

Sir i m a fast bowler and also a good batsman

I'm aged 16 and I have got training since my age was 10. I'm a fast bowler. Please tell me clearly that how can I get into the Indian cricket team since 19?

Iam kunwar singh age 25 years old from Rajasthan. Iam lefthanded batsmen or medium pass bowler completly allrounder. I want to play cricket for indian cricket team.
iam playing the cricket in my distric stadium & proove myself many time.
so pls suggest me.

Kunwar Singh

Iam vinayagamanikandan age 20 years old from tamilnadu . iam right arm off spinnier . i want to play cricket for indian team .pls give me single oppertunity then i prove my talent.

Don't worry you will become one day big cricketer in Indian team be confederate ok and prove it you playing now in one team but we didnt got any chance to play in any team after plyaing so mach i am form bangalore...

what will i do for playing indian team .

I am Tarpan Patel and I want to play in Indian Cricket Team.
I am 13 years old and am a fast bowling all-rounder who can consistently bowl at 140 kph.
Please give me a chance.
Thank you.

i am a good cricketer batsman in my school and in my aera in want to play in indian cricket team give me a chance

Sir, I have been playing cricket from the age of 6, now I'm 17.
I'm a opening batsman and a right-arm peace bowler too. I was captain for my school cricket team I just played inter-school matches but I'm not getting any opportunities to play with other better teams.
I don't wanna lose my cricket talents so if u provide me some opportunities i would really be grateful to u sir.

having trouble picking line and length when batting..............HELP!!!

Hi! I am Adarsh I am 13 years old want to be a cricketr i am gettig the training and I have played for school team also and i have played club matches also. can you suggest me some tips


I am from Gujarat. 27 years of age. I am all rounder. My team player call me use less bowler but superb batsmen. I am champion of Gulli cricket. However, I have proved myself on Playstation with 20 different variation. Can I play for India? I train very hard and I have made India win overseas, world cup virtually, does that mean I can also in real life.

My name Is nikil Kumar I am 12 years old I praticing cricket from my age 6

hello sir, my name is debojit, n I am 23 now
I always hoped to get into Indian cricket team,
but I had not any idea to get into before, and when got it is already late,
and m not a coached player to,
but I can give my whole life to get into cricket,
is there any chance to get into the team.

I am 20 years old. I am an expert to deliver carrom ball Along with off spin. Also i am standing over 6 feet. I have good sensation to bat. Tell about my future chances.

i am 14 years right now my dreams are to join the indian cricket team , i am traing from age of 10 and i am in my school team and one of the best players their what training should i take more so that i surely become a future cricket player

Ds d only worst thing about getting into the team
Y dont you people juz understand itz the talent u should go behind
Not on since when u started playing ... y dont u believe in us , why dont you give us a chance to prove our self worhty
We dont ask anything but jz a chance to prove us .....

Who are you talking to, Anon?

Hello sir I am k.Ramachandran I am love cricket sir.my college and village I am playing cricket very well sir.I have many price and medals sir.I like to joining the cricket team sir.please help for me sir.I am respectively to like that cricket team sir.give me one chance sir.please contact this number sir 9629400820.