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Quick Tip: Heavy Ball Bowling

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It's a special guest quick tip this time as fast bowling performance coach Steffan Jones answers this question,

"I have heard the discussion regarding the use of weighted balls to increase arm strength/speed, many coaches suggest weighted balls can upset timing and rhythm of action, and should never be used close and or during the season. Do you suggest weighted balls be only used during off season?"

A weighted ball, by the way, is a specially designed cricket ball that exceeds the normal legal weight.

Here is what Steffan Jones has to say on the matter,

"Coaches are scared of weighted balls because they lack the knowledge to implement it. That's not a criticism because coaches are mainly there to improve technical aspects.

"Weighted ball training is a must in a yearly plan. It should be used in the winter. You never affect the timing because in a proper arm speed session there is a mix of ball used including a normal ball which is always the last ball bowled.

"The amount you bowl in nets with a normal ball far outweighs the amount of reps with weighted ball. In my experience it does not have a negative effect on timing. I've done it and have prescribed it to bowlers both amateur and pro.

"You use a carefully planned program you will put on 5mph or more. It happened to me. I put on 10mph from 1999 to 2001. Fact! It happens to everyone who uses it for the first time."

To find out more about Steffan Jones plan for arm speed, get his online fitness training plan. [E]

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