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Quick Tip: How do I Form a Trigger Move

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Here is a question I got from Ashish:

"How do I form the trigger movement that suits me?"

When batting, trigger moves are a hot topic, but the fact is that it doesn't matter as much as you think.


As long as when the bowler has released the ball you have the basics in play, the rest sorts itself out:

  • Head still
  • Eyes level
  • Body balanced, well aligned and ready to move forward or back

Many times a batter will ask me about trigger movements, thinking it will make him a better play because he sees the Internationals triggering.

But before you even consider a trigger, film yourself to make sure you are right at the point of delivery.

Get world-class as the basics.

If you are, and the bowling is quick, then you can think more about working on developing a movement. Back and across is a pretty safe place to start, but you need to commit to practicing the timing of the movement.

That's a lot of work, so before you embark on trying new stuff, get back to what your coach told you; get aligned, get balanced and get runs with or without a trigger.

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Nice explanation David.

I generally discourage big trigger movements. I'd rather see a neat little shuffle on the spot than a big stride one way or the other. A big stride is more likely to be inconsistent and leave the batsman off balance and misaligned.

Ultimately, the exact trigger movement is less important than the resulting position as the ball is released.

Batting is all about ABCD.

This year I started to set deeper in my crease (which this year have help alot with my scoring) so I also changed my trigger move to a slight shuffle as it I don't to a little late transfer of weight I feel grounded and don't use my feet correctly.

I was getting stuck in the crease against low rising deliveries back here in sub- continent. Now i have adopted a trigger movement where i bend a little and a step sideway covering my stumps. This has helped me big time.