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Quick Tip: Scared of Fast Bowling?

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It's hard to admit, but many young players are afraid of fast bowling because they don't want to get hurt.

Which is fair enough. Even the most brave admit that getting hit by a hard ball is no fun.

And it's a common question we get sent here on PitchVision Academy. Players admit to fear of pace, backing away from the quicks and finding the whole thing so scary they consider an more genteel game entirely.

But don't give up if you are in this boat.

Instead, use a tennis ball and a coach or team mate to throw fast while you work on defensive technique without worrying about getting hurt.

There is also a great little drill here for positioning that works a treat.

Once your technique is right your confidence will soar and you will feel much more ready to play fast bowling with skill.


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Its a viscous cycle - the more you jump around and back away, the less likely you are to keep your head still and get into line, and the less likely to are to hit the ball, hence the more likely you are to get hit, hence the more you're going to back away etc etc....

viscous? I think I meant vicious. Its probably viscous as well though.