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Quick Tip: The Tennis Ball Advantage?

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Dia is a reader with a question,

"I'm 14 years old. Now I play with a tennis ball. Will this be an advantage when I play with cricket balls?"

Firstly, well done to Dia for using the resources he has. A lot of young cricketers don't have the advantage of playing in clubs with expensive equipment. Many people reading this will know that feeling.


Is it perfect? Sadly, no. To get good at playing hard ball cricket you are going to need a hard ball. Cricket balls behave differently to tennis balls, especially with bounce off the pitch and catching the ball.

But there certainly is value in using a tennis ball.

If you are a bowler, a tennis ball is a great way to increase your arm speed. It's lighter than a cricket ball so you can work on increasing the speed of your movements. For the complete solution check out the fast bowler's fitness programme here.

For batting, a tennis ball can help you groove your technique, improving your alignment, balance and shot completion.

That said, if you are serious about playing cricket to a good standard, get yourself a cricket ball as well.

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