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Secrets of Coaching Batting Revealed: Gary Palmer’s Notebook

Gary Palmer, master coach, has revealed the inner workings of his coaching methods.

With over 20 years experience of coaching players to batting success from juniors to first-class level; Gary is the go-to guy for advice on how to teach batting perfection.

Until now he has kept his methods secret.
All that has changed.

Like a crazy but brilliant scientist, Gary has meticulously kept his findings in a notebook that has built up over the years into a complete system.

The notebook, titled Teaching Batting Technique: How to Coach Pupils to Cricketing Mastery is a unique insight into one of the most creative batting coaches in the world.

In its 78 pages there is information on:
  • Why technique is still so important, even in these days of creative, fast run scoring
  • How to make the fastest difference to a player’s game
  • The best ways to communicate with a batter
  • How to identify and correct technical errors using Gary Palmer’s unique ABC method
  • The 5 immutable stages of batting technique
  • Which shots to teach first; and why
  • How and when to move beyond technique

And the best part: Gary is giving it away to you for nothing.

All you need to do to get instant access to Gary’s notebook is enter your email in the box below. You’ll get a reply right away with a link to the online version of the notebook:

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