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Skipping: An alternative for cricket fitness

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jumprope.jpgAs you know, I'm a big fan of intelligent, cricket specific fitness work. Running is the cornerstone of this for all cricketers but there is one alternative.

Skipping or jumping rope has been recommended for a while by Physical Therapist Gray Cook for all intermittent sport athletes and that includes club cricketers. While running (and running fast) is highly cricket specific and important this can be replaced at certain times by jumping rope.

Why would you take the time to buy a jump rope and learn this skill when running is more widely available and potentially less embarrassing?

  • You can get the same workout in less time compared to running.
  • It's impossible to jump rope with poor technique. If your form goes you have to stop skipping.
  • Jumping rope can be done on the spot or indoors more easily.
  • The basic skipping position encourages good posture and teaches you how to breath while training.
  • Skipping forces you into the balls of your feet which encourages a better running technique.

How to train with a jump rope for cricket

Just like running, the best way to train with a rope is in intervals. Cook recommends you start with 15 seconds of fast skipping with 30 seconds rest. This would not be far of the work to rest ratio of a bowler or batsman. Start with 4 sets of 45 seconds and build it up over time.

Based on these recommendations I have been adding skipping to my training for the last few weeks. I have certainly noticed an improvement in my calf strength if nothing else. I'll certainly be using it as a conditioning tool this summer for the people I work with too.

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have a look at Ross skipping:

Crossfit have some good skipping videos:

That's pretty wild. I might just stick with the conventional skip to start with though!

It is better to focus on developing your hip drive / strength, with correctly performed squats, no point isolating calves, as power is generated in the hips. I would not spend too much time skipping, as its highly repetitive in nature, its okay for a warm up.

Squats are important for batting yes. However there are many reasons to skip even if you discount calf strength (which is only one minor factor). I go into those in the article above. Before you write it off dissident I recommend you read the work of Gray Cook - a pioneer in strength and conditioning.

I don't see it as an either/or situation. You can squat and skip. Run and skip. Push up and skip, sled drag and skip...

David so according to you skip is of primary importance to combine with everything else? I think its a good tool on a rainy day but over rated.

It's one method of many. I would encourage running first, skipping second and other methods like swimming, rowing or bike third.

Skipping is not of primary importance. I'm sorry if I gave you that impression.