Spin Bowling Balance and Alignment Drill | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Spin Bowling Balance and Alignment Drill

This drill comes to you from Harry Shapiro's Leg Spin Association. For your free trial membership, click here.

Elvis is a member of the leg spin association and he turned to Harry Shapiro, the coach, for assistance with his action. Harry spotted a problem and came up with a drill to help him become better balanced and aligned.

Here is what Harry said,

Thanks for your email and video clips of your action. You have a very good wrist action and seem to have a natural leg break. However to improve and become consistent you need to develop a sound basic action. To keep things simple I have decided to break things down and ask you to work on one aspect at a time. You will notice that your bowling arm rotates backwards. This pulls you away from the target and also causes you to lose balance.

Contrast this with the first class leg spin bowler. You will see how everything is going forward in the direction of the target.

Here is the drill Harry recommended to help Elvis, as demonstrated by Boland leg spinner, Carl Raubenheimer:

Give it a try and let us know how you get on!

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