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Spin Bowling Grip: It's All About Comfort, Not Convention

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Why is Ajantha Mendis one of only 3 international bowlers to ever use the Iverson style grip?

And why is Graham Swann the only international off spinner to grip the ball using the lower knuckle on the middle finger to impart spin?

Because it's just not comfortable bowling with those grips.


Unique grips are everywhere, because the most important thing with grips is that you must be comfortable. No matter how the grip actually looks.

As long as the game of cricket has been played spin bowlers have used unique grips. Maybe they were not all as obviously different as a Mendis or an Paul Adams, but the amount of variations in grips is almost as numerable as all the spinners that have played the game.

There is no standard grip - orthodox, maybe - but no standard.

Coaching manuals love to show you the 'correct' way of gripping a delivery. This kills creativity. Coaching manuals should rather show the different ways in which you can grip the ball.

And if they show just one method then they must label it 'orthodox' and not 'correct'.

Orthodox is simply the grip most people find comfortable.


But not everyone.

And anyway, success is not determined by type grip you use

It's what you do with your grip that will decide if batsmen fear you or lick their lips when you come on.

How to find a comfortable grip

When trying to find your grip, simply go for what feel comfortable. Remember though, your grip must enable you to comfortably spin the ball hard.

Do not worry if you do not grip the ball like your coach thinks you should. Or think you must grip the ball like Graham Swann just because he is so successful.

The only criteria when I consult a spin bowler is to ensure the ball feels comfortable in his hands.

If this stop him from spinning the ball I will step in.

But, if the ball is fizzing from a spinner’s hand then I could care less which finger he uses to impart the spin.

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i am a 16 year old legspinner nd ur right there is no perfect grip i tried alot to bowl with warnie,s grip but never got one leggie right thn i tried benauds grip its strange but works for me now i can turn it alot nd i wanna ask u whn i spin hard i occasionally bowl short nd get smacked at sqaure leg for six whn i tried to fix it nd gv it sone air while spinning hard nd ocassionaly get full toss nd again get smacked so how to improve it

Most Of These Problems Occur Because Of Bowling With The Arm Only And Not Using Your Hips. You Need To Drive Through With Your Hips Making Sure You Pivot, Even When You Flight The Ball Otherwise You Will Just Be Placing It There.

Just a few questions on the desired action for a leg spin bowler. Would it be a positive thing if you bowl with a braced front leg as a wrist spinner? And how can you stop "catapulting" the ball when your bowling? I know a leg spinner that drags his bowling arm straight down to his thigh in his action and it loses any momentum and as a result he "catapults" the ball without any pace or spin, he would like to know how he can fix this (are there any drills that he can use or any other method)
Thanks Smiling

hi \
i am a 14 year old off spiner i have some problems while i try to bowl off spin my arm doesnot move in same flo and it jerks are there any methods to stop this jerking of arm