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Spin Bowling Tips: Action Advice, from Bounding to Front On Actions

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Here is a question I got from a fellow spinner,

"I am having trouble with my approach to the crease and I am unable to jump in the delivery stride. Is the jump necessary? I feel I am losing momentum while delivering the ball. How should I use my non-bowling arm? How should my front leg land, on the toes or flat footed? Also many people have told me to become a side on bowler and more classical. However I am not getting the same purchase with a side on action as with my present action. What is your take on that?"


First, the jump. In short, yes.

It is definitely needed. If you just storm through your action without gathering yourself then you will:


  • Be bowling flat footed
  • Give yourself a chance to get into position to deliver the ball.
  • Give yourself a chance to get side on
  • Help you get the front font into the right angle to be able to pivot (which is crucial for getting spin)


Even fast bowlers have a jump - and a big one at that - to help them gather their bodies into position before uncoiling in the release.

I always talk about bowlers having different actions that we should not mess with, but when a spin bowler has no jump I will certainly correct.

How should your front foot land? Always on the front toes.

You do not need to become side on. Open chest is fine. Side is the orthodox method. All that means is that it works for most bowlers. Not everyone, just most. That is why we coach it.

But, if you have success with a little open chested action then that is perfectly fine.

Open chested is fine. No jump, that is not.

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