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Player Survey
Feedback can make a great product even better.

We’re not after any personal information; we don’t want your name or address: we just want your views and your experiences.

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete…and as a thank you from us, if you leave your email address we’ll take 20% off the cost of your PitchVision mobile software when you come back to register.

About yourself
* Are you a
* Your Age
* Country
State/Region/Other Country
Some questions about how you train
1. What are the frustrating things about training/nets generally (not necessarily specific to your club). Check all that apply

2. Would it be useful to know the details of other players’ weaknesses and strengths and/or specific deliveries that you have dismissed them with in the past?
  Yes No  

3. If you have seen television stats on bowling trajectories & LBW decisions etc - do you think that this is useful information?
  Yes No  

4. Would a visual system that matched or replayed your deliveries and batting against
  Various orthodox or well known player’s deliveries / shots be valuable as a coaching tool? Yes No
  Your own bowling & batting be valuable you as a coaching tool? Yes No

5. How useful would it be to have an automatic record of the specific line, length, speed, bounce etc of every delivery that you bowl or face - including details of who the bowler/batsman concerned?
  Not very useful
A little useful
Very useful
Extremely useful

6. If you could take home summary of statistics from your training session, would you
  Review & analyse them later Yes No
  Compare to other performances Yes No
  Keep as a record, like averages Yes No

7. How often do you have your mobile phone / PDA with you when go to training?

8. Does your mobile phone have "Bluetooth"?
  Yes No  

9. Is your phone GPRS enabled (i.e. could you download ring tones, games, etc if you wanted)?
  Yes No  

10. If you could have instant data feedback at training which of the following Data items would be of interest?

(Score each item: 1 = not interested : 2 = A little interested : 3 = Quite interested : 4 = Very interested : 5 = Extremely interested)

When bowling
  Delivery Speed
  Delivery Line/Length
  Delivery Bounce
  Delivery Deviation
  No ball / wide
  Wicket balls
  Average deliver speed
  Batsman's score against a simulated field setting'
  LBW Decisions
  Caught behind / slips decisions
  Comparison to a specific delivery
  Consistence of bowling in a specific zone
  3D replay of ball trajectory
  Foot position on bowling crease
When batting
  Wagon Wheel of Shots
  Score against a simulated field setting
  Where on the bat you are hitting the ball
  Foot Movement
  LBW Decisions
  Caught behind/slips decisions
  Wicket Balls (i.e. balls that got you out)
  Trouble deliveries
  Ball pitch (line/lenght)
  Ball speed
  Position of head at time of ball pitching
  3D replay of ball trajectory
  Shot trajectory / theoretical score from shot
  Angle of bat
Some questions about when/where you train...
11. Frequency of Training
How often do you do a net or have a hit?
  More than once a week
Once a week
Once a fortnight
Once a month
Who do you usually net with? (1 = most often, 4 = least often)
  With a team
  With some friends
  By myself
Would you like to be able to practice more?
  Yes No  
If yes, what is the biggest obstacle/s to this? (select all that apply)
If you could still get meaningful feedback / responses, would you consider training alone or in smaller numbers?
  Yes No  

12. Do you think you would be more of less motivated to do a net or go to training if an automatic feedback system (with feartures like those described in question 10) was available?
  More likely
Less likely
No difference

13. If you had an automiatic on-line record of all your performance data to compare and analyse), how long would you keep data for you sessions?
  I wouldn't keep any data
3 months
6 months
12 months
2 years

14. Assuming that it was possible; which of the following answers would best describe the experience of facing your own bowling?
  Why the hell would I want to do that?
A nice novelty, nothing more
I would get a unique insight into my effectiveness as a bowler
Amazing! Bring it on!

15. Are you more or less likely to consider an indoor sports centre for training (instead of outdoor) if an automatic delivery feedback system (with features like those described in question 10) was available in the sports centre but not at the club you practice?
  More likely
Less likely
No difference

16. Hiring cost aside, if given the choice between two indoor cricket centres - one which provided an automatic data feedback system and one which didn't: which one would you choose?
  Centre with automatic delivery feedback
Centre without automatic deliver feedback
Would make no difference

17. Would an interactive based cricket game that combines real batting & bowling with a computergame interest you?
  Yes No  
Some questions on how you spend on cricket
18. If the system required your club to purchase some additional hardware to support this, would you:
  Support this idea Yes No
  Chip in and try to share the cost Yes No
  Buy it yourself and share it Yes No

19. Assuming an instant delivery feedback system was available, but you had an older style phone, would it entice you to update your mobile phone / PDA to one which would run such a system?
  Yes No  

20. Assuming that a normal indoor session cost you £5 : How much extra would you be prepared to pay for a session with your own personal automatic delivery feedback?
  No more

21. How much do you typically spend on cricket equipment or cricket related activities each year?

22. What is the most that you have ever spent on a single cricket item?

23. Do you ever shop for sports gear, tickets and/or books, memorabilia online? (select all that apply)

Any other comments
Thank you!

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