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Swing Bowling Tip: Improving Seam Position

This is an exclusive excerpt from Nathan Bracken's Swing Bowling Masterclass.

To me, getting the seam position right was very important. If you have control of the seam, you have a much greater control of how much you can swing the ball.


That's why I had a little friend that used to travel everywhere with me. He helped me make sure I had excellent control of the seam.

The red and white ball.

It didn't do anything complicated. Just something that worked for me; practising. Delivering as much as possible with the red and white ball, getting my fingers behind the ball.

The more you do this the more confidence and the understanding you get.

Like to me, an in-swinger felt like came off my middle finger and an out-swinger came off my index finger. It was feeling it off the fingers and knowing how it was coming out. Mabye it's different for you, but the key is to understand and groove the feeling.

You see in changing rooms, a spinner walking around with a ball spinning it. I'd walk around with my friend. I'd take it out in the centre when we'd warm up before the game. I'd take it into the nets. So it would be something I had every training session.

It's better than just a white or red ball because you can see the positions the seam in. Then you can work on having the seam up and just slowly turning it in either direction until you get that perfect swing level.

Practice, practice, practice and you get the control and understanding of the ball. That's what the art of swing is about.

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nice and simple tip but can improve your bowling by leaps and bounds

true,I will try it for improving my seam position while bowling off spin also.

in offspin bowling the arm ball should also be released from index finger to get some oot drift while a legspiners slider should be left from the middle finger to get some in drift