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The Australian cricket attitude

We can learn much from the Australian attitude to one-day cricket. Bobby Simpson gives an insight.

This advice applies to club games just as much as it does to the top level so it is worth repeating the key advice:

Batting Tips

  • Play straight with full face of bat.
  • Look at gaps not fielders.
  • Build partnerships.
  • Almost every ball that hits the pad is a run.
  • Running between wickets. Look for singles and try to convert every run for extras.
  • Almost impossible to run out if both batsmen go.
  • Take on fielders - push them into errors.

Fielding Tips

  • Want every ball to come to you.
  • Plenty of encouragement.
  • Relax between deliveries.
  • Look at the keeper, be positive but don't 'burn' in throws when not necessary.
  • Outfielders, back up and come in to stop overthrow singles.

Bowling Tips

  • Don't rush when under pressure, make the batsman wait if necessary.
  • Forget bad balls, the only important ball is the one you are about to deliver.
  • Never start to run in if you haven't decided what to bowl.
  • Change of pace.



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