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The Benefits of a High Intensity Batting Academy

This is a guest article from Gary Palmer about the benefits of an intense Academy, and how you can join CCM Academy to get your fix of intense training.

Intensity will make you a better batsman.

When I say "intensity", I don't mean how angry you get. The Hulk is intense, but he can't bat. For me it's all about focus. At CCM Academy we pay meticulous attention to detail when it comes to constructing technique and developing skill levels. You can only do that in an intense academy environment.

Repetition over long periods of time makes a huge difference in developing and achieving high levels of skill, especially batting. Subjecting players to batting for prolonged period of time is paramount in developing focus, concentration and mental strength.


We perfect batting technique against all angles, swing and spin types. Attention to detail is important. Batting becomes easy when driving against the swinging and turning deliveries you know then you have an efficient technique. The more balls hit with the correct technique leads to rapid skill development. This is because the correct technique and the feel of it gets implanted in the "muscle memory" more effectively.

On the other side, hitting balls with inconsistent flawed technique means slower skill development.

The key to developing our batters is to teach them to hit between mid on and mid off the highest technical standards. We focus on totally mastering and understanding the basics. If you can do the basics well you will have no restrictions as a batter and will be able to attack and defend effectively. It's easier to survive good spells of bowling and easier to deliver an array of low risk attacking game plans.

Once a technique is achieved we progressively challenge it until it becomes a consistent skill when under pressure. Throughout all our grooving sessions and tactical practices we strive to maintain and enhance our techniques always trying to get better. Players are encouraged to maintain high standards of technique throughout each training session. Faults in technique will never go unnoticed. The more faults we find, the more faults we correct the better we make the player.

This requires a lot of work from players. It takes time to groove technique and it's why we insist players bat for long periods that test their physical and mental abilities. That's something you just cannot recreate in club or school net practices, but it is something that is easy at a selective academy like CCM Academy.

If you would like the intense CCM Academy experience, trials are ongoing for the 2014-15 intake. Click here for details. For a pdf of what to expect, click here.

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